Back in the early 00’s, two brothers used to keep in touch over the internet in the evening, playing various internet games including Diablo 2, Diablo 2 LOD and Counterstrike. When Counterstrike Source was released they created their own little public server for fun and giggles, who doesn’t like slapping people with kippers or setting them on fire whilst trying to steal their round money with a knife?

After a year or so, a few people that frequented and played on the public server, had actually become quite good at it and went onto join the TW League and Enemy Down and the Dark Nomads team was born, competing regularly and winning just as often. Then life came; everyone, more or less, ended up going their own separate ways and the inevitable demise of the team went with them.

There are still some original members around on Steam if you wanted to reach out and say Hi, the founder, STOLENSANITY can be found under one of two of his accounts DAVE or SUB(tm), SKITZ can be found as BULLET and SoulDestroyer is around but playing a load of fancy games BoogieBop.