CS:GO Connection problems plague us

Connection problems plague everyone, if you have an internet connection and any device on the end of it, you would have experienced issues of one sort or another over it’s lifetime with you. With CounterStrike Global Offensive, these issues can have dire consequence.As a relative newcomer the world of CS:GO the interface took some getting used to, the managing of how you join games and public (now known as community) servers, it all felt a little alien to be honest. Having spent many years both casually and competitively playing CS:Source this actually felt like an entirely new experience.

So imagine my dismay to find myself in an early competitive game only to get disconnected because of an erroneous router error. I logged back into steam automatically once the router had rebooted and I was glad to have the option to reconnect … However … Unfortunately the steam service would not let me reconnect, it failed over and over and over. After trying for 3 minutes I get presented with a gaming ban!

Ok, so it was only 30 minutes in this instance, but the fact remains I was banned through no fault of my own, purely on the part of Steam. There is no recourse, there are no channels available to be able to present evidence to challenge any automatic decisions, nothing. So you are left wanting.

It’s only 30 minutes I hear you say, this is true. But, if there is a subsequent infraction within 48 hours of this first ban, you will receive another ban, but this time it will be for 24 hours. Yes, 24 hours, but wait, it gets worse. If you then have another infraction, within 7 days of that ban, wait for it, you will be banned from competitive game modes for a full week. This escalation continues until the point where you can no longer play. In my case, this is the only section of the game I am interested in, thus a ban resulting from something out of my control is tantamount to theft of the monies paid for the actual game.

It certainly makes you very nervous, each and every competitive game you play. Will I, Won’t I. Will it be this time or will I be lucky.

If this happens to you, there are some things you can try within those 3 minutes which may (or may not) let you reconnect to your game and stop that ban from kicking in.

  1. Check your firewall hasn’t done something silly and blocked your game (firewalls are getting as sophisticated as Steam it seems and making decisions on your behalf).

  2. Quit steam, close it completely, remove all remnant of its processes from the process list and leave it for a few seconds before restarting it, thus letting Steam know, you disconnected and have reconnected.

  3. If you have to restart your computer then open ‘run’ and type “C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\bin\steamservice.exe”/repair

  4. Relaunch CS:Go and pray to the Steam Gods that you’ll be able to reconnect.

Of course rage quitting is an irritant and I guess this is devised to help alleviate the pain caused by the multitude of idiots that exist on the planet, who also play CounterStrike Global Offensive. In my opinion it needs some form of recourse or dispute management to go along side it.

Anyway, my rant is over, the information is conveyed and I hope you have many hours of peaceful uninterrupted gaming.



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