Diablo 3 – Season 7 has begun

Seasons are an interesting concept and have been around a while now, although not really in Diablo 3, the latest incarnation is still in its infancy with regards to Seasons (or rather, ladders).

We have been playing since it’s very first incarnation and had very high hopes for Diablo 3, unfortunately it still falls short. It just doesn’t have the same “Jump on and play” appeal as Diablo 2, nor does it have the same sense of community and partying as Diablo 2, or Diablo 1 for that matter.

However, with the negativity over for the time being, we now see the launch of Season 7 of the Diablo 3 ladder system and there are rewards galore which aren’t that difficult to obtain. Don’t get me wrong, they are not “easy”, just tough enough to keep you coming back for more because you know you’ll succeed eventually.

Is Season 7 a reason to go out and buy the game as a non-Diablo player? Maybe not, but it does go some way to entertain and reward which has been somewhat lacking to date. To be completely honest, you should own Diablo 3 anyway! We have had a crack, entered the season and started our first character. A typical 4-Skill Wizard to be able to take advantage of the full Tal Rasha set which is the Wizard Set reward for completing the Season bonuses.

To be completely honest, you should own Diablo 3 anyway!

If you have Diablo 3 installed but haven’t visited it in a while, Patch 2.4.2 and the new Season does give you a reason to open it up and have another run around making your favourite characters. Whichever character type opens the season gifts dictates the Set you’ll receive. So you can can complete the season bonuses as a Crusader, but open the gifts as a Wizard and you’re all set to create a new character knowing that you have the perfect equipment waiting for you.





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