M4A1-S: From Peashooter to CT Staple

The silenced Counter-Terrorist rifle has had, to date, a number of small advantages over its’ unsilenced counterpart, the M4A4. It’s silenced which has helped keep those lurkers hidden whilst they creep around the map, but also it boasts slightly better accuracy at range. Despite being useful, the M4A1-S’s abysmal body shot damage was the key factor keeping most pros on the M4A4. Previously, it dealt just 23 damage to the chest and 28 to the stomach against an armoured opponent.

As of Operation Riptide, the M4A1-S now deals 26 damage to the chest and 33 damage to the stomach at medium ranges. The damage falloff also appears to be reduced, as four-shot kills are still possible at longer ranges. Considering that five-shot kills were the previous standard, this is an excellent buff for the M4A1-S.

This now makes the M4A1-S, not only pretty, but really damned useful on the field of engagement!



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