Gaming is becoming more and more expensive; that isn’t to say gaming hasn’t always been expensive. It just feels exponentially more expensive in today’s world. Why is this? Well it’s not the price of the game (ed: That’s not always true, the “remake” of Last of Us pt.1[1] for theRead More →

The silenced Counter-Terrorist rifle has had, to date, a number of small advantages over its’ unsilenced counterpart, the M4A4. It’s silenced which has helped keep those lurkers hidden whilst they creep around the map, but also it boasts slightly better accuracy at range. Despite being useful, the M4A1-S’s abysmal bodyRead More →

Sometimes, finding the right top-notch gaming peripherals can be traumatic. Configuring them even worse, take your graphics card, then your monitor — these can take an age to get right for your personal playing style. Have you ever wondered in which resolution rain, fallen or s1mple are using? In general,Read More →