What happened to the Dark Nomads

Where did we go? We vanished from online gaming and the competitive CounterStrike Source arena. We vanished from pretty much everywhere.

Well, to be brutally honest we all got lives, work and family got in the way of everything else, we did all stay in touch though, the clever stuff out there like Facebook really helps with that sort of thing.

Believe it or not, my son reintroduced me to CounterStrike and to this new fang-dangled version, Global Offensive because he wanted to have a game or two with his dad. Imagine my surprise when I found myself enjoying the gaming again after being away for almost 10 years.

I mentioned this to the original bunch over the course of the next few months and of course they all laughed at me for being so out of date. Over the coming weeks of being back at it, we all found ourselves playing more and more together.

I rebranded everything, bringing the identity and the name back into the 21st century even evolving the original [D§N] gaming tags to the new CS:GO format and they became dark.NOMADS.

ed. please note that ‘new’, means StolenSanity is a luddite and hasn’t kept up to date, CS:GO isn’t new to anyone else.

Well there you have it, the name still remains and the gang are more or less around although merely playing for fun these days. We have been back in touch with the Team Warfare guys but they are a little way off of restarting the ladder system for CounterStrike Global Offensive. They have also had to a bit of rebranding and rebuilding, the old team left, their servers died and of course backups are sporadic at best. But they are rebuilding and hopefully they will be back soon as well.

I would also like to take this moment to welcome Meeksteeyah (although this name changes with the wind, young’uns today can’t seem to stick to anything) to the team, my son and now proud member of the Dark Nomads.



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