Where has all the Money gone?

Gaming is becoming more and more expensive; that isn’t to say gaming hasn’t always been expensive. It just feels exponentially more expensive in today’s world. Why is this? Well it’s not the price of the game (ed: That’s not always true, the “remake” of Last of Us pt.1[1] for the PC and PS5 is one of those occasions where they provide a patch for the price of a full game without adding anything other than “enhancements” and try to sell it to you as “groundbreaking”.)

Pound for pound/Dollar for dollar, game prices aren’t actually that much more than they were 10 or so years ago, although the silicon required to play them on the other hand, is ridiculously more expensive presently. But again, not the reason for gaming to have become more expensive, because hardware has always been expensive in relative terms and the adage “Always buy the best you can afford” still holds true to this day. You will still be able to game.

No, the reason gaming has become more expensive; Microtransactions. Originally these were sold as “nice to have” additions to the games, that way it is your choice whether you want a gun that looks like someone has crafted something by gluing a shit load of crystals together and spraying it with neon pink paint. Games such as Valorant and CS:GO fall into these categories, there are other things that you can buy, but again they are optional and will generally remove some of the grind from certain aspects of the game for you.

Then there are the other types of games, the ones that tell you that you much have certain levels of gear that generate certain stats just to be able to move forward with either the story/campaign, or the season pass that then entitles you to something other goodies upon completion. Playing the game is now no longer allowed, you must purchase one or more microtransactions in game.

Diablo Immortal is an example of this trend, the internet is awash with horror stories about how much Diablo Immortal costs to participate in [2]. Although to be fair, that’s not why I stopped playing it, I don’t play phone games, let me rephrase, I do not play arcade style phone games (I love me some Sudoku). I just do not like the mechanics of how the games are played, thumbs on the screen just feels alien to me. So I definitely do NOT want a game that plays like a phone game, on my damned computer. I have keys and a mouse, I expect to be able to use them. So combine the fact it feel clunky, unresponsive (yes, I know it’s still BETA) AND I have to buy packs to progress. NO! I do not want to spend approximately 500.00 to play and complete a game.

Unfortunately this is becoming more and more the focus of gaming companies, made normal essentially by these pesky free-to-play phone games where people don’t think twice about spending 100.00 per week to keep playing.

So when people start screaming “To Expensive”, they absolutely have a point, because they know they will be dragged down that rabbit hole of spending, completing this or that, running out of time to grind when a last minute microtransaction means they can finish (not necessarily gain my more from the completion, but finish all the same) to meet their own satisfaction levels.


Without microtransactions gaming hasn’t really changed in cost, it’s still pretty expensive whether you’re playing on a PC, Xbox or PS4/5, it’s all much of a muchness compared to prices over the last 10 or so years. So remember, if you don’t want to get sucked in to the microtransaction way, don’t play the game.

One moment of weakness can lead to missed mortgage payments and that is no exaggeration unfortunately.

Addendum: Last of Us pt1 Remake

Just why — please — just tell me, why? Everything was great, even the remastered version for the PS4, but to have to pay another 70 quid for a game that adds NOTHING, is beyond a joke and quite frankly it’s taking the piss out of gamers that own and play the current variants. So, please take this as a note telling you to fuck off with your remake, you’re not getting any more of my money for the same product. Don’t take my word for it, check out below — 70 quid for that, I actually prefer the original!

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